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Colchuck Color

Colchuck Lake, in the Cascade Range of Washington State, is a breathtaking spectacle poised beneath spiraling peaks of granite and ranks as one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Washington.  

The name Colchuck means cold water and after a difficult trek up step and rocky terrain covered in snow and ice, the name seemed symbolic of this particular day.  The strenuous journey however quickly faded as I reached the summit surrounded by towering spires covered in a fresh coat of snow from a recent storm a couple days prior.

The incredible turquoise color of the lake is a result of glacial meltwater where "rock flour" sediment from the nearby glaciers makes its way into the lake through various streams.  The fine sediment powder is then suspended in the water absorbing and scattering the varying colors of sunlight resulting in a milky turquoise appearance.

The beauty of this lake is hard to describe in words and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this wonder of nature with the world; especially those who are unable to make the journey.

Capture Date: October 2013
Camera Settings: ISO 100, 17mm @ f/11, 1/15 sec