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Bison Flats - Limited Edition

Most often, visitors to Grand Teton will come across the resident bison herd, take a few shots and move on; missing the subtle behavior of the herd which is the most fulfilling experience of all.  It's amazing to see such an expansive landscape with a bison herd gently grazing in the foreground, but even more amazing to be standing in the middle of the herd while photographing the scene above.  Male bison with their guttural grunt trying to make an impression with the opposite sex, the young bison who wander over with curiosity to inspect "the guy with the tripod" and an aging female who lays down to rest as several younger females gather around her licking her head as if to give her comfort, are moments which can only be remembered as an adjunct to the overall experience that day.  I spent an hour on this fall morning attempting to capture the grace and presence of this resident bison herd roaming the valleys of Grand Teton National Park, wondering what trials they may face in the winter season ahead.

Capture Date: October 20th, 2012
Camera Settings: ISO 100, 28mm @ f/16, 1/60 sec