About The Artist  

"Capturing the Beauty and Magnificence of the Great Outdoors "

With foundations in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Seattle, Washington, Drew spent many years exploring the great outdoors. 
Living in the Pacific Northwest, Jackson Hole and the Yellowstone area for over 30 years, Drew has gained an intimate knowledge and connection with the beautiful outdoors, which he calls home.

It is this connection with the National Parks, wildlife and the outdoors at a very young age, which cultivated Drews inspiration to share the natural world with others. In 1997, Drew worked with one of the first commercial photography studios in the country to adopt digital cameras for high-end commercial catalog photography using 50 pound, 12 megapixel, crane operated cameras. With the new, exciting world of digital photography, an artistic vision and a background in the IT industry, Drew combined his knowledge and expertise and turned his passion for the outdoors into a career as a professional photographer.

Drew has developed a powerful, unique and simple approach to teaching photography over the years and currently leads daily, multi-day, group and private workshops throughout various National Parks across the country.  In keeping true to the medium, Drew has made a personal commitment to never add or remove any elements which did not exist in the original scene (aka "Photoshop").

His passion for photography instruction and sharing unique moments in the outdoors is well recognized by all his students. Drew's fine-art prints, gift collection and other published works can be found throughout Seattle, Jackson Hole as well as Grand Canyon, Mount Rainier and Grand Teton National Park Visitor Centers.

- Drew M Wright